When we started this podcast, we set out with the intention of saying the words left unsaid about the world as we all experience it. As southern millennial artists we rarely heard our perspective in the mainstream, and we recognized that one subject that we haven’t talked about is race. It is one of the first things that comes to many people’s minds when they think of the south, but we needed to figure out a way to talk about it while still being true to our lived experiences. After all, the north is not immune to racism and it is teeming with it, especially when it comes to the socioeconomic conditions that many people of color are forced to live in.

Nonetheless, for this latest episode, we decided to get uncomfortable and say the words left unsaid about race relations in America. Race is threaded into the fabric of everything we do in this country. Ever notice that when you’re reading a news article, if you scroll down to the comments section there are racist comments, no matter what the subject of the article? Ever wonder why every time there’s a national socio-political issue, the subject of colonialism always comes up? We have to be willing to call a thing a thing if we are going to heal the racial hearts of the past, both within communities of color and between communities of color and the

In the episode, we will go deep into talking about our experiences of race from childhood to present, and we will discuss how white people and people of color can have uncomfortable conversations about race. After you listen, be sure to tweet us your thoughts on the best ways to have uncomfortable conversations.