To provide listeners with practical tools to move from a mindset of scarcity into one of abundance in order to achieve their own vision for success. UnBasic seeks to expose listeners to the possibilities in all areas of their lives and often uses the “tea” or current events and trends to unearth those possibilities.


A world where all people (including us)experience whole-hearted, courageous living.


Ashlee Haze and Kelundra, the voices and brains behind Unbasic, have been friends for over  a decade. Over the course of that decade, they have had ideas for a dozen projects, including: a late-night dessert restaurant, a line of denim for women with curves, an event planning company, travel agency, student loan repayment proposal, non-profit to help single mothers, matchmaking agency, satellite radio show, reality television show, and the list goes on and on. Unbasic represents a commitment to stop musing and start doing, and also to encourage millennials like themselves to be civically engaged and understand that each of us is here to uplift someone else. From dating and spirituality to hip hop and home ownership, we talk about it all. Thank you for your commitment to being unbasic.

Kiera_AboutPicAshlee Haze is one of Atlanta’s premier word artists. Earning the nickname “Big 30″ because of her consistency in getting a perfect score, she is one of the most auspicious poets in the sport of slam. She has performed everywhere from small coffee shops to the Apollo Theater. She is a 4-time member of Java Monkey Slam Team, 2011 Southern Fried Poetry Slam Champions. In 2012 Miss Haze was ranked top ten at the Women of the World Poetry Slam. In 2014 she appeared in “3-Minute Activists: The Soul of Slam” a feature-length documentary that examines the lives and work of some of Atlanta’s premier Spoken Word Artists. She has been performing on the Atlanta Poetry circuit since the age of 14 and has been writing over 15 years.

Kelundra_AboutPicKelundra Smith is a freelance journalist and editor who writes about theater, visual art, dance, opera, and almost anything done on a stage. Her articles have been published in The New York Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta magazine, Southbound magazine, the Charleston Post & Courier, American Theatre Magazine, Dramatics, Black Masks magazine, the Syracuse New Times, on BroadwayWorld.com and ArtsATL.com. Her passion is writing and reporting about art created by and inspired by people of color, oppressed communities, and those who live in the margins of society. Follow her on Twitter @pieceofkay for musings on art, media, television, and everything else. Have a story idea? Pitch her here.

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