Kickstart your 2019

Your favorite podcast is coming back with new episodes starting January 7. In the meantime, we wanted to continue our annual tradition of sharing some of our favorite inspirational quotes of the year. Here we go!

    • When you vibrate on the level of the thing that you want the only thing that can happen is that you will get it. It’s not philosophy, it’s physics. -Richard Lawson
    • To be rendered powerless does not destroy your humanity. Your resilience is your humanity. To yield and not break–that is incredible strength. -Hannah Gadsby
    • Self-destructive behaviors are useful to a writing career only in the movies. In actual experience I’ve never known a manuscript to be moved forward by a reckless affair, drinking binge, or tangle with the law. -Barbara Kingsolver
    • You have to be happy in your regular life otherwise you’ll never survive the journey toward a goal. -Retta
    • Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor—it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living. -Peter Walsh
    • Art is not a hobby. Art is not extra. Art is the fabric by which we build bridges, by which we learn, by which we challenge our beliefs. -Ann-Carol Pence
    • The idea that you must be perfect in order to be good is an obstacle to being the best version of yourself. -Jay Smooth
    • What one person calls a flood another person calls a baptism. -John Gray
    • People might say I couldn’t sing, but they’ll never say I didn’t sing. -Florence Foster Jenkins
    • This beautiful amazing thing called life can take you through hell and back. But, I have seen the lights at the end of so many tunnels that my soul is full to the brim. -Jenifer Lewis

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