Tis the season to binge watch

You’re off of work and out of school with more time than you know what to do with. Now that’s joy to the world. Before you press play on whatever cable or streaming service you subscribe to, we thought we’d share some of our favorite shows from this year. Here’s what we’re watching:

Ashlee Haze recommends

  • Netflix: On My Block “It’s a look into the lives, the layered experiences, of black and Latinx youth in Brentwood. It’s funny, clever and dramatic.”
  • Starz: Vida “It’s like the Latin Queen Sugar— dramatic and heart-wrenching, but also witty. I love seeing more Latinx stories in the media that are not just about crossing the border. It places them in the American Dream.”
  • TNT: Claws “There’s a character named Uncle Daddy. There are few reasons not to watch.”
  • OWN: Queen Sugar “It’s wonderful amazing. It offers a layered look at black masculinity, black love, sibling relationships. It hits all of the intersections. It’s such good drama.”
  • Netflix: Salt Fat Acid Heat “If you like a good cooking show, know that this is not your average cooking show. It helps you understand the mechanics of those factors and how they play into the food you eat every single day.”

Kelundra recommends

  • AmazonPrime: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel “As a former Gilmore Girls fan, the Palladinos (the creators of the show) just get me. This show is so well-written and brilliantly acted. It’ll surely sweep the awards again.”
  • Netflix: Cable Girls “This is a program from Netflix in Espana and it’s about female telephone operators in the 1920s and it is full of murder, sex, lies and scandal. The cast is beautiful and the fashion is to die for. Do yourself a favor and sink in.”
  • HBO: Big Little Lies “All you have to do is say Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman and you’ve got me. This is show is more white woman than a Lifetime movie and I enjoy every minute of it.”
  • NBC: Good Girls “It’s like Weeds but less weird and more funny. I can’t wait for next season.”
  • CBS: God Friended Me “CBS went into its vault and updated the storyline and technology of its 90s hit Early Edition for this show. I was happy to see Branden Michael Hall land here after ABC canceled The Mayor. This show is heart-warming, smart and introspective.”

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