Episode 6: Undressed

I’m too fat.

I’m too skinny.

I wish my boobs were bigger.

I wish my hips were smaller.

We spend so much time lamenting over the size of our thighs and for women of color, often we lament in the dark and alone. Issues with body image, eating disorders, and disordered eating are often seen as “white girl issues,” but many women of color grapple with these same internal conflicts. Yet, no one ever talks about it until now.  Haze and I have very different experiences of living in our bodies, but we both know what it is like to look in the mirror and feel let down. We also know what  it looks like to be inching toward victory and have that glimmer of internal light that comes from healthy eating and exercise. In short, we both know what it is like to have some level of happiness and self-worth hinged upon body weight.

In this episode of the podcast, we’re getting undressed and talking about body image, weight, healthy eating and the historical exploitation of black women’s bodies in the media. We are breaking the silence. It’s time to get naked and hopefully get healed.

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