#HurtBae, we need to talk

So, last night Haze sent me a message on Facebook, and here’s how it went:

screenshot_2017-02-16-22-20-25          screenshot_2017-02-16-22-20-35          screenshot_2017-02-16-22-20-49

For those who do not know, #HurtBae is a series in The Scene’s “Love” section where exes have the opportunity to confront each other about the implosion of their relationship.  Watch the video here. This type of closure is rare when these ephemeral millennial relationships end and after watching the video, you’ll see that the emotional investment in their dynamic was completely one sided. Please believe that we will be dissecting this on a future episode of Unbasic. When he said “I did everything” and when she said “Today, I couldn’t see my life without you,” I knew they both needed to listen to the Uncuffed episode. Get yourself some boundaries, people!

What is most astounding is when she said she forgives him and he didn’t understand why he would be extended any mercy, even though that is fundamentally what love is about– the extension of grace, mercy, and charity from one person to another. However, one has to wonder whether she forgave him, or blamed herself, because that is not the same thing. Tell us what you think about #HurtBae in the comments section or on Twitter @UnbasicPodcast

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